Calculus III for CS

At Georgia Tech, Computer Science majors are required to take Calculus I – III but we actually have a special Calculus III just for Computer Science majors. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this class but now that I’m almost done I have found it to be a very refreshing change from the previous Calculus classes. In my Calculus III for CS class taught by Michael Loss, the curriculum was integrated with a number of programming projects in which you implement the concepts you learn in class. Personally, I have always found it a challenge to apply many of the abstract mathematical concepts learned in math classes to real life or computer science. But in this class I was able to put those abstract concepts into code which gave me a better understanding of them and how they can be applied to real problems.

I did four projects in the class. The first three are Java applets and the last is a Java application:

Level Curve Graphing
Jacobi Algorithm Analysis
Singular Value Decomposition
SVD Image Compression.