NetRisk Community

I wanted to provide an update on the web-based Risk game, NetRisk, that I developed during the summer of my freshmen year because a lot has been happening surrounding NetRisk recently. After I first released NetRisk I actually started getting some feedback from people who had downloaded it within a couple of months. A couple people submitted bug fixes, feature additions, and ideas and some people asked for help in setting up their own NetRisk installation. I managed to release two updated versions of NetRisk incorporating much of the feedback. It was very much a positive experience with the open source world but I never imagined it would come as far as it has in the last year. For my part, I haven’t touched the NetRisk code in a bit over a year as I have kept myself more than busy with school and other projects but a great group of guys has taken over the development of NetRisk.

Late in 2005, one of these guys contacted me and told me he was already working on some additions to NetRisk. Since he was doing more work on the project than I was I gave him my full support and made him an administrator on the NetRisk SourceForge project. Just two months ago he and his friends released NetRisk 1.9.5 and they have a very lively community around the project at the official NetRisk site, They have managed to implement almost all of the features I had planned for after my initial release and are continuing to improve the game to fit the needs of the new community that has grown up around the game.