Summer at the Googleplex

Google BaseI went west this summer for an amazing internship at Google. I worked on the Google Base development team as a software engineering intern. I did some really interesting work with my host Deepak Lachwani and some other really cool Googlers on a generic image quality classification system for internal use. That is about all I can say about my professional activities there given their ‘loose lips sink ships’ policy of external communication. Overall, it was a really challenging and rewarding environment though, especially since I went in thinking I was working in Java and then I had to learn C++ during my first few weeks.

But being there in the middle of Silicon Valley on Google’s main campus, it really felt like you were at the center of the technological wonderland. In every direction, you see buildings with the logos of the technology giants and at their feet they are surrounded by dozens of startups, familiar and unfamiliar. There is a noticeable energy and excitement exuding from the people working there. At Google, the concentration of intelligent, capable, and driven people was amazing. And at the rate they are hiring, you can and sometimes do meet a few new and interesting people every day at one of the many amazing cafés. I met a lot of other interesting people from all over the world, interns and full-timers and non-Googlers, whom I hope to keep up with.

This summer was also my first chance to spend more than a day in California. The weather there is ridiculous in the sense that it is always perfectly pleasant, always sunny and with none of the humidity I am used to in Atlanta. I got sunburned a lot, but I still went to a few beaches, bike around a good bit, and played a ridiculous amount of volleyball at the Googleplex. Now that I am back in Atlanta I miss all the people I met and worked with but at the same time its made me better appreciate the rain, clouds, and storms that sunny California lacks. Now I just need to find some people to play a good game of volleyball with.