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Pubfeed - find the research that interests you

(Update – Pubfeed was running on a machine at the University of Toronto and sadly came to an end when I graduated)

My final project in Greg Wilson’s Topics in Software Engineering class this semester is a web application called Pubfeed.  Pubfeed is a tool that allows researchers in academia and industry to keep track of research in any areas that they are interested in.  All you have to do is tell it what research publications you like and it will generate a news feed of related research that is constantly updated.  All the feeds created on Pubfeed are public so you can view and subscribe to other peoples feeds.  You can monitor all your subscriptions via RSS or you can just check  the website every now and then.

The idea behind Pubfeed was Greg’s originally, I just took it and ran with it.  It is essentially a meta-search tool that just re-queries search engines periodically to check for new results based on user’s favorite publications.  The current implementation uses the DBLP and Google Scholar databases but I hope to add other data sources in the future.  In a sense, Pubfeed is actually quite dumb because all the heavy lifting in finding relevant publications is done by DBLP and Google Scholar and Pubfeed just aggregates their results with some basic filters.

There are already a number of interesting feeds on Pubfeed ranging from topics in computer science, medicine, music and economics.  Check out my subscriptions on Pubfeed and go create your own feeds!