Comic Gopher Reborn

Comic Gopher

I’ve updated my old desktop-based webcomic viewer. The new version is related to the old one in name only. It uses completely different technologies and supports a different set of comics.

It is a purely client-side HTML and javascript web application. There are no cookies or server side storage of any kind – everything is stored in your browsers local cache. This means that your subscriptions and settings aren’t accessible on other computers or other browsers (in this first version at least). So make sure you stick to one computer and one browser when reading comics.

All the comics come from either the Darkgate Comic Slurper, phpGrabComics or straight from the comic author’s sites. If a comic’s author provides a feed, it’s relatively easy to add a their comic so feel free to send requests to add new comics. Some of the comics you can subscribe to aren’t appropriate for all ages, consider yourself warned. Now go read some comics and let me know what you think.